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Constantine A. Stratakis, Head
Phone: 301-402-1998

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To refer a patient to one of our studies:

  • For pediatric endocrine patients with doagnosis other than Cushing syndrome or a pitutary tumor: Call Meg Keil at 301-4353391 Or e-mail at:
  • For patients with Cushing syndrome or with any pituitary tumor: call Linda Kotz at 496-8597 or email at: or Meg Keil at the numbers above
  • For patients with any genetic condition use the contact people above or Dr. Margarita Raygada at 301-451-8822 or by email at

To Send a Blood Sample for Genetic Testing:

Instructions for Sending a Blood Sample (you will need Microsoft Word or Word Viewer to read this file.

Question/Answer Session

Dr Constantine Stratakis in a suit, smiling

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